Benefits of SAHYOG HERBALS Ayurvedic Hair Oil ( 100 ml) 1. It increases the pliability of hair by relaxing the scalp. 2. It conditions and lubricates the scalp that prevents dry scalp and flakes without using any harsh or harmful chemical shampoos. This also improves the blood circulations in the neck and head area. When scalp is tight due to stress , hair growth stops because of the decrease in blood circulation to the scalp. 3. It also nourishes the hair shafts , strengthens the hair roots, promotes and strengthens the hair. 4. It conditions and softens the hair that makes it more manageable. 5. It increases the hair luster, spreads the natural oils throughout the scalp, and increases the vibrancy of the hair. 6. It also protects the hair from the harmful effects of the sun and harsh climatic conditions. 7. It rejuvenates and replinshes the damaged dry hair. It prevents split ends and excessive brittleness. 8. This oil has no side effects. 9. SAHYOG HERBALS Ayurvedic hair oil may not give you a very pleasant smell but it will give good results in your hair related problems.