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With us you can create your own product. We offer you the opportunity to sale the product with your labels. With our own factory, laboratory and design department we create exclusive private labels for markets all over the world. Apart from this you don't have to spend much as you will be getting everything directly from the manufacturer it will be quiet affordable.


We human being have different taste as well as choice, so as you expand your business it vital to sell the product as per customer needs. When you move your business from one region to another you can easily find the difference in their taste and style so we allow you to tailor the drinks and product as per demand. We are grateful to our distributors who make all this possible. We are willing to offer you private labels as per needs.


Our private label service will help to boost your business in the best possible way as we have following advantages offering our suppliers -:
AFFORDABLE SERVICE: As with Sahyog Herbals , the entire production is done in one roof and we don't involve any external parties,
which means no extra cost. Our labels are quiet affordable.
HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS : We don't compromise with our quality in any cost. We only uses natural ingredients in our drinks and products.
That makes them both tasty and healthy. From plant to finished product, we are constantly striving for perfection.
MASTER OF FLAVOURS : We love to do natural experiments and we work with all natural ingredients and approved sweeteners,
food colourings and flavourings. We allow you customize any drink as per your desired market demands.Combined with the right consistency ,
you can develop the perfect drink for your particular market(s).
EYE CATCHY LABELS : Design is the key to market and sale the product. We believe that design should speak much about ones product and keeping in mind the same we design the labels and packages. We offer packaging of all kinds and sizes (bottles, cans, plastic, glass).
COMPLETE SUPPORT SYSTEM : We have complete team of designer and transporters working in team under one roof.
Our experienced advisors are ready to help you from A to Z.

So don't wait, it time to raise. Own your product with your label and boost your sale with us. Contact us now and avail this opportunity.