Benefits for the Eyes Ayurvedic practitioners consider neem juice beneficial to eyesight. For people with night blindness, a common treatment is the application of a couple of drops of neem juice at nighttime. Neem juice is also said to benefit those with conjunctivitis when dropped directly into the eyes. Dermatological Uses Neem juice is often used for eczema and other skin conditions. Diseases like chicken pox and smallpox are also believed to be affected by neem juice. Dermatologists also recommend neem juice for acne patients, due to its anti-inflammatory, soothing qualities. In India, neem juice is also used as a common remedy for lice. Treatment of Fevers and Malaria Neem juice is even used to treat malaria, a tropical fever that is very prevalent in India. Neem juice is said to inhibit the development of the virus and to help stimulate the liver.

Dosage of neem juice – Consume 30 ml twice a day or as prescribed by doctor