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Wheat Grass

Wheat grass is the luscious green grass that comes from the very young wheat plant. 100 gm Wheat Grass Powder = 23 kgs of vegetables Nutritional values Wheatgrass contains 19 amino acids, which form the basis for protein. Wheatgrass contains 92 minerals needed by the body to function at optimal level. Wheatgrass has more vitamin C than oranges and more vitamin A than carrots. It contains more than 30 enzymes, which helps with digestion. 1 fl. oz. of wheatgrass is equal to 2+ pounds of the high-quality vegetables. Wheatgrass powder is 70% chlorophyll. Health Benefits of Wheat Grass Powder 1) Chlorophyll Wheat grass powder contains high amounts of chlorophyll, which helps to detoxify the body. The chlorophyll also aids in sending more oxygen to the cells. Chlorophyll can also stop the activity of certain substances that can cause cancer, and may be able to shield the body from the harmful effects of carcinogens, such as premature aging and malfunction of the internal organs. 2)Cellular Repair and Immune System Wheat grass powder may also be beneficial in repairing and rejuvenating cells due to a glycoprotein called P4D1, which can help to repair DNA that has been damaged. Wheat grass also contains abscise acid. This acid is a hormone that is derived from plants and has the ability to detect and kill cancer cells in the body. 3) Wound Healing According to Dr. Benjamin Gurskin, wheat grass powder can heal wounds due to its antiseptic properties. Wheat grass may also be able to speed up healing time and can neutralize unpleasant odors that can sometimes come from wounds. 4) pH Balance Wheat grass powder is extremely alkaline, which means it can balance the body’s acidity. A pH balance is essential for overall health–the right balance keeps the internal organs functioning properly and reduces fatigue. The body also needs the right amount of nutrients to have the correct pH balance–15 pounds of wheat grass powder contains the nutrient equivalent to 300 vegetables, according to Dr. Charles Scnabel. 5) Enzymes: Enzymes in layman forms are like highly skilled workers on an assembly line. Each enzyme performs a specific function within the body while in harmony with other enzymes. They are important and required for everything we do, vision, thought dreams, reproduction, breathing, digestion are all controlled by enzymes on a daily basis. Unfortunately, medical doctors have found that we do not get all the enzymes we need from our cooked, over salted and over processed foods. This in turn results in overall poor health situation. Wheatgrass powder can provide the additional enzyme intake your body requires for over all good health 6) Increases blood Haemoglobin count, helps combat Thalassemia & Anaemia. Packing Size: 100gms