Best product of all heart related problems. Very useful in clearing heart blockage. Controls cholesterol and acidity. Give strength to heart muscles and strengthens vascular system. It is useful in urinary tract infections and reduces the burning micturition. Hypolipidemic effects i.e. normalizing the increased lipids in blood is exerted by this medicinal herb. Arjun bark is anti-ischemic, cardiac protective and cardio-tonic.

HOW SAHYOG HERBALS HEART CARE JUICE WORKS:- Heart care juice rich in natural plants and fruits that help to regulate blood cholesterol by playing pivotal role in a function of the enzyme responsible for its synthesis in the body. Heart care juice regulates cholesterol synthesis by deactivating the enzyme necessary for producing it. Key Ingredients :- Arjuna 25 % , Amla 12.7 %, Ber 25 %, Anardana 8 %, Pushkarmool 12%, Kokam 12 %, Gulab 5% with permittd class II preservatives.

Dosage – 30 ml twice daily empty stomach with equal water.